TAAQHealth is a technology and product management company responsible for the entire product development lifecycle including all technology development requirements, as well as all benefit design, packaging, distribution, and vendor partnerships that will be supported by an affiliated captive, PEACEPlan Insurance Company. TAAQHealth will offer new self-funded alternatives to traditional fully insured plans that can significantly reduce total annual healthcare expenses and provide employees 24/7 member advocacy, no cost preventative wellness and primary medical care visits.

We believe that employers health benefit solutions begin with us. Our vision is to curate benefit products using the latest technology to create an optimized experience for members/patients who access services with one of our best of breed healthcare partners.


Our corporate model allows TAAQHealth to concentrate on innovative product development and technology design without distracting from the important fiduciary responsibility the insurance captive (PEACEPlan Insurance Company) will have for employers. TAAQHealth will have the capabilities to aggregate data from the sponsored plans in order to better understand, manage and mitigate the future risk taken by the captive. TAAQHealth products will accommodate employers of all sizes and types including public entities.


Technology & Data

Our vision is to create technology that enables and optimizes health benefits while providing seamless care navigation support. Furthermore, data will be collected and shared in a meaningful way to ensure the sustainability of benefits and associated funding solutions.

Health Benefit Design & Product Development

With an affiliate captive platform, we are able to create self-funded health benefit products that are affordable and sustainable in today’s market.

Marketing & Distribution Management

Our experience with developing and managing sales channels is based on partnership principles that keep the customer needs at the forefront of the solution and a commitment that a win-win exists for all.


There are five major differentiators that allow TAAQHealth to create More value than Insurers, TPAs and other competitors.

1. Technology

TAAQHealth and its best-of-breed service firms are connected electronically so that the use, cost and payment of health benefits occurs quickly and seamlessly. These linkages allow TAAQHealth to track and assess how Members are using their benefits and what adjustments to the TAAQHealth model could improve performance for employers. This type of assessment doesn’t happen with the insured benefit plans offered by competitors to small employers.

The Healthcare Bluebook technology managed by American Health Group, AHG, drives cost effective utilization of the TAAQHealth vendor provider network. TAAQHealth also has its own smart phone and tablet application that gives Members immediate access to plan benefits and TAAQHealth service firms. These technology investments are not in place with most competitors.


2. Prevention

TAAQHealth benefit plans cover all 66 preventive services for men, women and children that are required by the Affordable Care Act. There is no cost to Members for these services. Nearly all preventive services can be provided by primary care physicians in the TAAQHealth provider network. But with competitors that don’t incent and encourage primary care, the preventive services can end up being delivered by specialists who may “capture” the Members and provide unnecessary or costly additional services that aren’t discussed with the primary care physicians.


3. Primary Care

Primary care physician visits with TAAQHealth benefit plans are covered at no cost to Members. Health benefit plans from competitors almost always charge copays or deductibles for PCP care. In addition, most competitors don’t make efforts to encourage Members to select a primary care doctor. TAAQHealth advocacy partner, American Health Group, Inc. (“AHG”), reaches out telephonically to Members to help them choose a PCP and build a relationship with their primary care physician for prevention, wellness and referrals to other providers.


4. Advocacy

In TAAQHealth benefit plans like the PEACEPlan, Members have 24/7 access to AHG Advocacy Coaches. These Advocacy Coaches support Members in understanding prevention, treatment options, provider choices and how to navigate the health care system. Most competitors do not invest in advocacy services. In addition, the AHG Advocacy Coaches use Healthcare Bluebook online price/quality tools to help Members compare price and quality rankings between local providers for any health care procedures, tests or services they may need. Prices can vary by more than six hundred percent (600%) for the same in-network procedure or service of similar quality, depending upon which provider is selected. When Members understand how to choose high value providers, significant cost savings occur for both Members and their employers.

Healthcare Bluebook is also integrated into AHG’s precertification platform for approval of certain inpatient and outpatient services that are required by TAAQHealth benefit plans. With almost all competitors, precertification requests come from network providers after such providers have been contacted by employees and dependents. In TAAQHealth model, precertification requests must be made by the Members directly to the AHG precertification team. AHG then utilizes Healthcare Bluebook tools with Members to identify high quality and lower cost providers before approving the precertification requests. Similar to Advocacy Coaches, less costly provider alternatives yield material cost savings.


5. Cost Management

The TAAQHealth self-insured benefit plans are less expensive when compared to insured benefits provided by competitors. When the comparison is between TAAQHealth self-insured offerings versus self-insured plans of the competition, TAAQHealth has its own captive insurance firm (PEACEPlan Insurance Company) that generates superior cost savings for employers; the financial risk assumed by the captive lowers’ reinsurance fees and the reduced costs are passed on to employers. As noted above, TAAQHealth differentiation in prevention, primary care, advocacy and technology cuts the use and cost of health benefits for Members and employers. These savings are also passed on to employers through lower benefit plan pricing. TAAQHealth believes its pricing advantage will be between 15-30% in most markets.



We value the broker community and understand the frustrations of providing affordable, high quality health benefit solutions. We believe the PEACEPlan health benefit product will arm you with an innovative and effective way to address this important human capital recruitment and retention tool.

Brokers can expect the PEACEPlan to:

  • Be a plug and play comprehensive health benefit products that includes the full spectrum of medical needs.
  • Be a better solution for their customers with a technology enabled customer experience.
  • Provide self-funded options for smaller employers that normally would not consider this healthcare financing tool.
  • Potentially lower customer costs on both premium and out of pocket expenses.
  • Create a vehicle for quality health care and cost optimization for customers.
  • Navigate with easier access to health care & benefit questions.
  • Be a compensation tool that will highly competitive and above market standards.


TAAQHealth has curated a health benefit package with some of the best partners in the business. With a shared vision for impacting and disrupting the current health benefit market, these partners stand ready to provide best-in-class service through an integrated benefit offering.



Transparent Pharmacy Benefit Manager

RxPreferred offers a full line of Pharmacy Benefit Management solutions for employers, hospitals, hospices, brokers and third-party administrators. RxPreferred focuses on guaranteed savings and cost-containment strategies while providing our clients with innovative, efficient, and effective pharmacy benefit management services.



Telemedicine Provider

Teladoc provides access to healthcare on your schedule with 24/7 access to U.S.-licensed doctors, connect by phone, web, or app from anywhere, and get medical treatment for non-emergency conditions.


American Health Group

Advocacy and Care Management

American Health Group, Inc. (“AHG”) provides a suite of health engagement services to employers, union trusts, health insurers and third party administrators in the western U.S. AHG offers an integrated engagement solution for PEACEPlan members that includes advocacy coaching, PCP selection, pre-certification of certain services directly with members, hospital stay review, second opinions, case management and use of Healthcare Bluebook to access less costly, quality providers.